Industrial Applications

Impressively efficient: heat sources for moulding processes
Refining and reliable: infrared light for the drying process
Rapid and efficient: infrared light for the drying process
Small and fine: all details in razor sharp focus
Effective and efficient: thorough cleaning without chemical agents
Effective and versatile: flexible light for chemical processes
Reliable and thorough: highly professional technical maintenance
Clean and thorough: VUV irradiation for perfect cleaning
Versatile and powerful: applications for semiconductor processes
Bright and testing: with artificial light sources that produce sun-like spectrums
Ecological and economical: a special form of metal finishing
Short response times, long life: optimum light for the soft soldering process
High energy and high performance: activating inorganic surfaces
High energy and high efficiency: harnessing the power of high-energy photons
Beautiful and matt: a successful option for matting paint surfaces
Hygienic and effective: UVA lamps for insect removal

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