Essentials LED luminaires portfolio 2015 - reliable, inexpensive & always fitting

LED luminaires Essentials

LED luminaires - essential, reliable, inexpensive, always appropriate. This is the new Essentials series of OSRAM and subsidiary Siteco. Quality and the latest technology for professionals. For every installation situation.

Innovative alternatives to conventional lamps for huge energy and cost savings

With the Essentials luminaires in 2015, you are able to work doubly comfortable: replace old, inefficient equipment fast and cost efficient with new, energy saving LED solutions by using already existing mounting points. And solve new lighting requirements in daily business projects confidently, future-proof and with little effort.

Our Essentials offer perfectly matched LED solutions for various applications. For office buildings and schools, hotels and leisure facilities as well as for trade, craft and industry. All in good quality, with energy saving LED technology, with minimal installation and maintenance costs.

Benefits of the Essentials luminaires 2015

  • Proven OSRAM and Siteco quality
  • State-of-the-art LED products for highest demands
  • 1:1 direct replacement for for conventional compact fluorescent and halogen luminaires
  • Energy saving up to 85 % by direct replacement for conventional lighting
  • Up to 5 years guarantee
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Complying with all applicable IEC performance and safety standards
  • Outstanding price-performance ratio

LED luminaires Essentials flyer

Efficiency: LED vs. halogen

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