EU Directive on Eco-Design (ErP)

What is Ecodesign?

Ecodesign can be understood as being environmentally friendly product design having the aim of reducing environmental impact caused throughout the entire product lifespan.


It is important for us to develop ecologically sophisticated products in order to contribute to the sustainable protection of resources. Quality products are created based on this philosophy that is characterised by a long lifespan and high energy efficiency.

OSRAM ensures that environmental impact is reduced, with a product life cycle based sustainability, ranging from the product idea to recycling.

International environment and climate protection goals

International environment and climate protection goals

Within the framework of Kyoto 1997 climate protection objectives, the EU defined a series of measures for the economical and sustainable use of resources.  Here you will find important information on the EU Directive 2009/125/EC, relating to the eco-design of energy-related products (ErP). 

Information required on packaging – labeling of energy related and energy consuming products

The aim of Regulation EU 874/2012 is to promote the most efficient products by requiring relevant information to be provided on the packaging. Among other things, it prescribes that at the point of sale the packaging for the lamp must indicate the energy consumption of the lamp.

Special purpose lighting

ErP implementation regulations and special purpose lighting

Special-purpose lamps designed essentially for applications such as traffic signals, terrarium lighting and household appliances and clearly indicated as such on accompanying product information are not subject to these eco-design requirements.

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