LED trends – highly effective urban lighting

OSRAM's optoelectronics department can look back over more than 30 years of experience, expertise and creativity and is in the best position to set and further develop strong trends in the area of LED applications.

Design without restrictions - the dream of every lighting designer or urban planner. LED technology from OSRAM opens up new possibilities in lighting design. Dynamic lighting scenes with colourful effects are produced, as are innovative lighting concepts for entire cities and intelligent lighting management systems which greatly enhance the quality of life.

One of the latest trends is the versatile use of LEDs in urban lighting. Due to their outstanding properties, they can provide much of what was previously not possible.

Attractive city design

LED lighting emphasies the architectural details, remains at our side day and night and can provide individual lighting for any urban area. This means that lighting by LEDs has an effect not only on visible elements, such as the simple illumination of a building but also on the overall image of the city and the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Urban safety

The use of white LEDs in cities and on streets has its effects on both accident and crime statistics and on the extent to which individuals feel safe. Lighting with white LEDs thus contributes to greater safety in cities. 

OLED - innovative, efficient, aesthetic

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