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LED Products from OSRAM are efficient, extremely long-lasting and enormously versatile. As the lighting technology of the future, LED offers maximum flexibility to electricians, light planners and architects as well as to private consumers in their own homes. Customers save costs of power and maintenance. Light management systems (LMS) provide the perfect control for planning valuable LED lighting solutions. As a result of the demand-compliant control of the lighting by LMS, potential energy savings are exploited to the full and the maximum degree of flexibility and comfort is achieved. When it comes to mood lighting, OSRAM permits almost limitless creative scope with colourful and colour-changing LED products.

LED technologies

OSRAM, the lighting specialist, is one of the world's leading research and manufacturing companies. OSRAM's LED technologies are always state of the art and offer customers and consumers flexible, high-performing and energy efficient products.

Zhaga standards for LED light engines

In view of the rapid development of LED technology, Zhaga consortium is creating specifications aimed at ensuring the interchangeability of LED light sources from different manufacturers. Get a complete overview on zhaga.

LED/LMS catalogue


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