Zhaga standards for LED light engines

The lighting industry is used to working with standardised light sources. LED technology offers many benefits, but the lack of specifications can make it difficult to exchange one LED light source for another.

Zhaga is a global consortium of companies from the international lighting industry. Its overall aim is to develop interface specifications that allow LED light sources from different suppliers to be used interchangeably, without changing the luminaire design. In turn, this should speed up the adoption of LEDs for general lighting.

Zhaga is therefore developing specifications (Specification Books) for the interfaces between LED light engines and LED luminaires.

OSRAM is driving this standardisation by actively working in the Zhaga industry consortium to define interface specifications of LED light sources.

OSRAM is continuously expanding its Zhaga conformity portfolio, currently available types are listed below.

Following OSRAM products are certified according to specific Zhaga Books:
PrevaLED Core Z4 PrevaLED Core Z3 PrevaLED Linear Value PrevaLED Compact Z2
PL-CORE-Z4 -3000-827 PL-CORE-Z3 -3000-830-Z3 PLVZ1-LIN 650-830-280 PL-CP-Z2 -2500 740
PL-CORE-Z4 -3000-830   PLVZ1-LIN 650-840-280 PL-CP-Z2 -4000 740
PL-CORE-Z4 -3000-835   PLVZ1-LIN 1100-830-280 PL-CP-Z2 -6000 740
PL-CORE-Z4 -3000-840   PLVZ1-LIN 1100-840-280 PL-CP-Z2 -10000 740
    PLVZ1-LIN 1300-830-560  
    PLVZ1-LIN 1300-840-560  
    PLVZ1-LIN 2200-830-560  
    PLVZ1-LIN 2200-840-560  


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