Matrix Light - Automotive Product of the Year 2014 by the Elektronik trade journal

Matrix Light: 1st place among the Automotitve "Products of the Year" reader´s choice from the Elektronik trade journal.
Application:  Automotive
Technology:  LED modules
Target group:  General public, OEM Automotive

Matrix Light - Automotive Product of the Year 2014 by the Elektronik trade journal

The OSRAM Matrix Light LED module has won the "Product of the Year 2014" award of the Elektronik trade magazine in its Automotive category. The readers of the journal gave the Matrix LED light first place among eleven innovative automotive products for this year.

For the sixteenth time now the readers of the Elektronik monthly magazine as well as users of the internet portal selected the "Products of the Year" from a total of 111 products in eleven different categories. The OSRAM Matrix Light module impressed as an "innovative, pioneering and smart top product", gaining first place in the automotive sector.

OSRAM Matrix Light – an LED module for intelligent headlights

OSRAM Matrix Light is a module for so-called matrix headlights. It fulfills the complete range of functions for adaptive high beam light. Each individual LED in the module can be separately controlled and therefore be separately switched on and off or dimmed. In combination with a camera system and image-processing electronics, oncoming traffic and traffic ahead are recognized and fielded from glare. Because of the high quantity of pixels it is also possible that objects identified by the camera system (e.g. pedestrians, animals or obstacles) can be separately illuminated to draw the attention of drivers to these.

Product features                         

  • Matrix with up to 100 pixel (LEDs) possible 
  • 130 lm per LED
  • Each pixel individually dimmable  in 256 steps
  • Ambient temperature up to 90°C
  • CAN or LIN interface

Technical challenges

  • 35W optical performance at 90 °C ambient temperature
  • Highest level of integration in the module
  • Efficient and highly dynamic DC/DC converters
  • Complex switching logic for LED array
  • High-resolution multi-channel PWM generator
  • Module with integrated blower and head pipe (internal heat dissipation for cooling the LEDs)

Elektronik automotive – general information

The monthly journal Elektronik automotive reports about future-oriented solutions, concepts and products in the automotive electronics sector. The readers of this sister publication of the Elektronik magazine were able for the first time to participate in voting for the "Product of the Year", selecting their favorites from the newly introduced Automotive category. The winning trophy was presented to OSRAM during the celebratory award ceremony on 27 March in Munich, Germany.

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