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Come and see the LED/OLED rear light demonstrator at the show and experience the future of automotive lighting.
10.05.2016 | Trade Press
Osram prepares to shine bright at Automechanika Birmingham

At the first ever Automechanika at the NEC Birmingham, Osram will be presenting a number of innovations across all lighting technologies, underlining their position as the world leader in automotive [...]

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Illustration of the pinnacle of Stockholm’s town hall lit up in blue. Depending on the audience’s reaction, Osram bathes Stockholm’s landmarks in bright colours with the help of Lightify Voting. The lighting will range from blue when a song fails to win the audience’s favour, to green and then yellow and finally to bright red when a song totally wins over the masses.
10.05.2016 | General Interest Press
Osram Lightify voting to add colour to the Eurovision Song Contest

During the Eurovision Song Contest in May, Osram will bathe the Swedish capital in bright colours that show what viewers think of the songs. The Munich-based lighting specialist will light up seven [...]

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04.05.2016 | General Interest Press, Trade Press
Osram will light up the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm

As pioneers in entertainment lighting, Osram and Clay Paky are once again being entrusted to provide exceptional lighting effects for the shows staged at the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take [...]

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Users program and manage lighting scenes themselves with the Lightify app.
28.04.2016 | Trade Press
Human Centric Lighting in the Memory Centre of the St. Augustinus Hospital, Neuss

The St. Augustinus Hospital (AMZ) memory centre was inaugurated in December 2015 in Neuss, Germany. In addition to providing care for dementia patients, the centre also has training and research [...]

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The Scriptus office luminaire designed by the Aisslinger studios features a modern, progressive design as well as outstanding efficiency and quality of light.
25.04.2016 | Trade Press
Scriptus for professional office lighting

The multi level MLA (Multi-Lens Array) optical system ensures optimum glare elimination and high visual comfort. Scriptus comes as a surface mounted or suspended version with various lengths and lumen [...]

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21.04.2016 | General Interest Press, Trade Press
A highlight at the Hanover fair: Osram showcases high-power lighting for drones

“Start-up meets Grown-up” is the slogan chosen by Osram and the Berlin start-up company Bär-Drones for presenting their innovative concepts which will enable drones to be used for [...]

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The new highly efficient Kreios Fresnel and Kreios Profile LED spotlights are ideal for use on small to medium size stages.
05.04.2016 | General Interest Press, Trade Press
Osram is demonstrating phaser laser technology for the entertainment sector for the first time at Prolight + Sound 2016

Spotlights provide the right illumination for actors in front of the camera and on the stage, put concerts and other events in the right light and are the main tool for lighting designers looking to [...]

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A reminiscence of the incandescent lamp: Retrofits with linear LED filaments as light sources.
13.03.2016 | Trade Press
All glass: new LED lamps from the Osram brand

The Osram Lamps business unit (soon to become the company Ledvance) is offering the largest LED lamp portfolio in it's history for the new lighting season. In terms of both design and technical [...]

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The ready to mount LED downlight from Ledvance is ideal direct replacements for compact fluorescent lamps and halogen spots.
13.03.2016 | Trade Press
An optimized LED luminaire portfolio with renowned quality

For sales via the electrical wholesaler channel, the Osram Lamps business unit (soon to be known as Ledvance) is bringing a portfolio of suitable LED luminaires to market with familiar, renowned [...]

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Compact, mobile and ready for use: The ‘Mobile Energy Monitoring’ measuring system from Osram with Wago technology.
13.03.2016 | Trade Press
Identifying and utilizing energy saving potential in buildings

Osram’s Lamps business division, to be known soon as Ledvance, expands its product portfolio with regard to smart home/smart building with a mobile measurement system. The flexible measurement [...]

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Results: 1-10 of 432
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