OSRAM Projects & Solutions

Lighting projects and energy efficient lighting optimisation

OSRAM Projects & Solutions (P&S) implements complete lighting projects and also offers both consultation and modernisation of existing inefficient lighting systems – so-called "energy-efficient lighting system optimisation".

In co-operation with our customers, we are developing light solutions of the highest technical and design quality. All imaginable and relevant economical and ecological aspects are taken into account. This allows our customers and co-operation partners to benefit from our versatile and interdisciplinary technical expertise (architecture, physics, mechanical engineering, design, energy optimisation, business and marketing), our many years of experience in all aspects of lighting and our pioneering role in the area of technology.

Lighting Design

Outstanding application of lighting in the areas of office lighting, architecture, art & events, exhibitions & museums, shops, sports arenas and lamp design.

Energy efficient lighting optimisation

Energy efficient lighting optimisation by OSRAM as an Energy Audit-Partner. For companies and communities. In focus: Analysis, optimisation concept and installation of efficient, cost saving and long lasting lighting systems.

Sustainability at OSRAM

LED - innovative, efficient, flexible

Energy audit projects

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