Light increases safety and security

Light is a key technology that improves our security in the digital age. It is crucial for the emergency services and the security sector, for keeping public places safe and your personal data secure.

The higher the level of interconnectivity between companies, communities, and countries, the higher the demands are on security. Access and monitoring technologies from OSRAM allow businesses, authorities and citizens to stay one step ahead.

The New OSRAM - Safety & Security

Our mission - Safety and Security

The increasing complexity of our society increases our need for security. OSRAM contributes to making the world a safer place – both in analog and digital terms.

OSRAM technology focusses on safety in digital and public spaces. We concentrate on these main topics:

  • Access security: OSRAM increases access security in the digital sphere. Our biometric sensors ensure security in the internet, and protect hardware and software against unauthorized access.
  • Public safety: OSRAM components form the basis of modern monitoring technologies. We meet the safety requirements in public spaces.
  • Liveable Cities: OSRAM lighting makes towns bright, secure, and livable. At nighttime we set urban spaces aglow with smart technology.