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Product family features
  • Individual control
  • Daylight-dependent regulation and presence-dependent control of light
  • Intelligent scheduling, task-related lighting, variable load distribution
  • Realtime light control, analysis of energy consumption and display of lamp failures
Product family benefits
  • Energy savings up to 75 % (compared to CCG + T8 lamp without sensors)
  • ZigBee based light management system for integration into building management systems
  • Worldwide web access and possibility of remote maintenance


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ZigBee HA

Information about Family

Enjoy individual, real-time light control with the EN-WM-ZB-P3D, an ENCELIUM system controller that gives you daylight-dependent and presence-dependent regulation and control of light, along with a range of other benefits. This unit provides intelligent scheduling, task-related lighting and variable load distribution; it allows you to analyze energy use and displays details of lamp failure. The EN-WM-ZB-P3D has wide application, but it is particularly good for office lighting, healthcare and education settings, public buildings and educational environments. It provides ZigBee-based light management that is easy to integrate into building management systems, and remote maintenance via Internet access. Perhaps most strikingly of all, it offers you energy savings of up to 75 % when compared to CCG + T8 lamps without sensors.
Areas of application
  • Offices
  • Healthcare
  • Public buildings
  • Educational sector