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Hardly any other sector provides as many activities and spatial situations as the industry. However, one aspect unites all activities: The human being, his or her well-being and work performance. These points depend crucially on one factor: the success factor light. And at competitive prices and operating costs. With its industrial portfolio, OSRAM provides industrial customers with solutions that go beyond light with light and technology.

From individual luminaires to turnkey lighting solutions – including light management systems, services, financing, and more.

People spend 90 % of their time in buildings, often with artificial lighting.
80 % of all information we perceive is through our eyes.
Up to 70 % of the electrical energy costs in a logistics hall can be attributed to light.

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Motivation as a success factor.
Gain a competitive edge.

Increased lighting intensity means people can work in a more concentrated way, tire less quickly, make fewer errors, and detect errors more precisely. And what makes life more pleasant for the individual, is more lucrative overall for the company. That’s because, when extrapolated to the entire workforce, the enhanced motivation through light becomes a valuable asset and competitive advantage. The objective of Human Centric Lighting (HCL) design concepts lies precisely in this significant improvement in the lighting situation for enhanced well-being and productivity at the workplace as well as optimized synchronization with the outdoor environment.

Facets of Human Centric Lighting:

  • Improved productivity
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Mood, general well-being
  • Visual acuity
  • Energy saving and sustainability


  • Automobile industry: press plants, car body construction, final assembly and quality control
  • Metal and electrical industry
  • Foodstuffs industry
  • Chemical / plastics industry
  • Transportation industry
  • Timber industry
  • Skilled trade and craft sector

The right angle is critical, HCL design approach.


lighting systems

Safety as a success factor. Work reliably without dark sides.

The topic of work safety remains a challenge for the entire industry – the overall number of work-related accidents even increased again slightly in 2016. Lighting offers enormous potential to increase safety, with the warehouse and logistics areas offering the best examples of this. The functional safety of the lighting “hardware” itself is one key aspect in this regard: industrial lighting solutions are characterized by reliable functionality and an especially long life. They have to withstand demanding conditions such as mechanical load, high / low ambient temperatures, dust and humidity, as well as chemical exposure.

Another aspect in this regard is safety lighting, which comes into effect following a power failure. Optimum light is a guarantee of safety. Spatial conditions can often be confined in the warehouse and logistics sector in particular, owing to narrow traffic areas and high shelves. Uniform illumination, high vertical lighting intensity, and good glare reduction are therefore important factors for ensuring good detection.

  • Ambient temperature and rated lamp lifetime
  • Chemical resistance
  • Fire endangered areas
  • Type of protection
  • Impact resistance


  • High-bay warehouse
  • Logistics
  • Refrigeration area


highly efficient
lighting installations

Profitability as a success factor. Refurbishment options on a grand scale.

LED technology improves energy efficiency considerably in large-scale car parks and parking zones with many lighting points. This means shorter pay-back periods and significantly lower ongoing operating costs. And: its use also increases the lighting quality – higher vertical and cylindrical lighting intensity means better detection. In terms of overall costs in general then, a refurbishment project with LED luminaires often pays off after just two to three years – not to mention additional benefits such as enhanced safety and optimized maintenance.

Profitability can be increased even further using sensor-based systems. They create additional potential to save energy since the lighting is only activated when needed – when people are in the car park and cars are moving.


  • Public and workplace-related car park buildings
  • Roadways, parking areas / spaces
  • Cashier areas, approach / exit areas, footpaths


light management

Networking as a success factor.
Smart controls for enhanced efficiency.

Alongside daylight usage, sensor technology is gaining ever-increasing importance. Yet this technology alone will not exploit the potential energy savings. An efficient overall system can only be achieved through a combination of high-quality sensors and professional control technology together with specifically designed luminaires.

Individual utilisation with simple operation: efficient light management is the basis for low operating costs and simultaneously high quality of light. System components that build successively on one another furthermore allow uncomplicated assembly without significant programming being required.


  • Production
  • Warehouse / logistics
  • Car parks
  • Administration / office

The new backbone of the smart factory is emerging.

A light management system encompasses lighting control, efficient energy management, and networking of all relevant objects: control elements, control units, daylight and motion sensors as well as electronic ballasts in the LED luminaires. The result is optimized operating costs and real-time monitoring of the system status.

OSRAM and its partners offer a variety of smart light management systems to meet your individual needs. Solutions have already been developed in collaboration with partners in the area of the smart factory – for example such as digital data management, predictive maintenance, cloud integration, and much more.

Light for every scope


Much space for greater safety and orientation

Modern lighting for parking garages and parking lots

Whether multi-storey car parks, company parking facilities, shopping centres, office complexes, concert halls, sports arenas, railway stations or airports – parking garages and parking lots unburden the infrastructure, shorten routes and create space, as well as making our professional and leisure lives a lot more simple.

Discover lighting solutions for parking garages and parking lots

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