Lighting solutions for shopping centres and department stores

Serving the needs of urban communities

Shopping centres are designed to provide consumers with a pleasant environment to purchase everything they need in one convenient location, and to make shopping an enjoyable experience. Well-designed lighting plays a crucial role in this scenario.

Car-parking facilities

Convenience from the first moment

The idea behind shopping centres is to make shopping a pleasant experience rather than a stressful chore. Since most shopping centres today are primarily accessed by car, their integrated car-parking facilities play an essential role in the overall architectural concept. Proper lighting, often a combination of daylight and artificial light, serves the important purpose of guiding drivers to and from the parking spaces while ensuring the safety of pedestrians, especially those pushing fully-loaded shopping trolleys or being accompanied by children. OSRAM Lighting Solutions has equipped many car-parking facilities, including their access lanes, with energy-saving, low-maintenance LED illumination which ensures visibility, enhances safety, and contributes to a smooth and trouble-free flow of vehicles and people.

Walkways, passages, amenities

The right ambience for business success

The main traffic areas ‒ corridors, passageways, escalators, lifts and stairs ‒ are the essence of every shopping centre, interconnecting the individual levels and shops. With resting areas, open spaces, skylights, fountains, plants, art exhibitions, information boards and terminals and many other architectural features they create the unique atmosphere and appeal of the complex. Light is an integral design element of all this, and OSRAM Lighting Solutions is your full-service provider of illumination technology and expertise to make your architectural concept spring to life. Smart lighting management combines daylight with artificial light to ensure adequate illumination levels at all times while keeping the energy bill under control. State-of-the-art luminaires by OSRAM Lighting Solutions are available for virtually any lighting purpose, from general lighting to information booths, from resting zones to food courts, and from green zones with live plants through to playgrounds for children. A flexible lighting architecture is key in shopping centres where tenants, brands, seasonal needs and decoration tend to change often and spaces are repurposed from time to time.

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Amazing facade effects Amazing facade effects

Shopfronts and windows

Variety is the spice of life

In a shopping centre where one shop sits next to the other, individuality and branding are essential differentiators. Naturally every tenant has specific design and illumination ideas for his or her shopfront, including illumination intensity, incident angles and colours, so centre owners are well advised to design their facilities with utmost lighting flexibility. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a wide range of luminaires and computer-controlled lighting management hardware and software to accommodate the varied needs of shops and stores, restaurants and service providers, supermarkets and department stores forming the business community of the shopping centre, plaza or mall. Advanced LED technology offers a great way to bring brilliance into your facility while cutting your energy bill.

Sales areas

The best light for every conceivable product and environment

From fruits and vegetables to clothing and footwear, from household supplies to toys, and from doctor’s offices to telecommunications providers, a shopping centre reflects the enormous spectrum of goods and services available to consumers today. Lighting needs are as diverse as the vendors, and tenants tend to change, so light installations must be highly flexible to accommodate changing requirements. Designers want to highlight specific areas and create zones within shops and stores using lighting effects. Specific products call for specialised lighting, whether fresh produce, shoes or jewellery. All this can be made possible by installing lighting technology made by OSRAM Lighting Solutions, backed by our solid know-how and experience gained in countless successful projects.

Warehouses and storage facilities

Energy-saving light on demand

Whatever it is that needs to be stored ‒ supplies, decorative items, equipment, furniture or merchandise, ‒ orderliness and clarity are key. Your personnel needs to be able to find what they need quickly to get the job done. Use energy-efficient LED luminaires, combine artificial light with daylight where available, and use motion detectors to switch the lights on and off as needed to get the best light on demand for workplace safety, unobstructed manoeuvring and easy identification of items. OSRAM Lighting Solutions has the lighting technology you need to bring light into every space of your facility.

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