Lighting solutions for supermarkets, DIY and electronics stores

Make your customers feel at home

The physical dimensions of supermarkets, DIY and electronics stores and the wide variety of products they sell require special lighting considerations. OSRAM Lighting Solutions can help you highlight your products and create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Entrance areas

The promise of a pleasant shopping experience

Create a sense of anticipation. Raise expectations and awareness. The entrance area of your store sets the stage for your customers’ shopping experience. Invite them in by choosing the right lighting. Let OSRAM Lighting Solutions show you how to open your customers’ minds for the things to come.

Sales areas

Where buying decisions are made

A happy shopper is more likely to buy, it’s as simply as that. Spread happiness in your store or supermarket by bathing your aisles and products in a light which stimulates optimism and positive thinking. Spread a sense of excitement and discovery by staging your products prominently. OSRAM Lighting Solutions will help you choose the right combination of general and targeted lighting for your products, signage and special offers so your customers can quickly find what they need and do not miss out on your promotional items. What is more, energy-efficient LED lights and smart daylight control systems save you money, protect the environment and give you all the options you could wish for to showcase your products convincingly.

Cashier areas

Good light for good business

Cashiers must be fully focussed on scanning all items properly and handling payment transactions without errors. And they are expected to be friendly and understanding no matter what the customer is asking. Their job is demanding and requires concentration. Help your employees by providing bio-active, glare-free light formulated to emulate daylight. Advanced lighting technology by OSRAM Lighting Solutions enhances visibility and stimulates the human brain, enabling your staff to stay focussed longer, handle stressful situation more easily, and maintain a good attitude. If your customers receive good service from the entrance to the point of sale, they are more likely to return.


Clear visibility for safe and accurate stockpiling

Smooth logistics ensure the shelves are always filled and customers can find what they need. Safety for people and material handling equipment in goods receiving areas and warehouses, clear visibility of labels and products on every shelving level, high luminaire protection ratings, and low electricity and maintenance costs are key criteria for lighting designers choosing illumination for retail warehouses and the associated logistics spaces. In addition, cold stores require luminaires immune to moisture and freezing temperatures. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers energy-saving lighting systems compliant with workplace safety standards, along with presence detector-controlled light management systems that switch off or dim the lights when no one is present or the available daylight is sufficient. Smart lighting controllers can adjust the amount of artificial light automatically to supplement daylight as needed. Low-maintenance LED lights are especially energy efficient.

Parking spaces

Take the stress out of visiting your store

Parking spaces around shopping centres and supermarkets are always busy. The more important it is to provide adequate lighting for ramps, parking bays and lanes. Help drivers and pedestrians move about safely by ensuring visibility in indoor and outdoor parking spaces. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers energy-efficient lighting for parking spaces to make your customers feel safe and secure.

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