Lighting solutions for shops

Individualism presented professionally

From small and intimate to generous and luxurious, retail shops come in the most varied forms and sizes. Differentiation is key to business success, and OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a host of possibilities to bring to light what sets your shop apart.

Facade and shop window

Your chance to arouse curiosity

Whether passers-by feel tempted or encouraged to enter your shop depends on how it presents itself. An effectively-lit facade and a beautifully decorated and illuminated shop window will make people want to enter and take a closer look. Whether you sell fashion or cosmetics, food or medicine, household supplies or furniture, consumers will be attracted to your business by good lighting that makes your products look promising and your shop inviting. A dynamic control system can add a special note to your window arrangement by changing focus periodically or fading singular items in and out. OSRAM Lighting Solutions offers a broad range of lighting and control devices as well as the expertise to help you present your shop to the outside world in the most appealing fashion.


A matter of perspective

The first look into your shop should be a promising one. Choose a lighting arrangement which radiates warmth and friendliness while giving depth to the interior so customers feel drawn in. Highlight articles in the front area that encourage visitors to explore and discover. OSRAM Lighting Solutions has the right light fixtures and the know-how to give your entrance area the personality you want to convey.

Sales areas

Flexibility for every season and arrangement

Adaptable illumination is key for shop environments with changing product displays and promotions. OSRAM Lighting Solutions helps you present your products in an advantageous light, guide your customers through all areas, create distinct spaces within your sales area, and direct attention to articles of special interest. What is more, professional lighting expresses the style and uniqueness of your shop and its brands. It creates the specific atmosphere you envision while giving you enough flexibility to re-arrange according to season, to support your campaign, or to achieve other sales objectives. Highly energy-efficient LED lighting is also a great way to lower your operating expenses.

Storage and changing rooms

Find items quickly, ensure natural colour rendition

Charm your customers with unmatched customer service. Don’t let them wait in front forever while you rummage around in your storage room looking for the right colour, size or variant of their favourite product. Make sure you can recognise labels and identify items instantly by installing the right kind of lighting. And save energy by using presence-detection devices to switch the lights on when needed, and off when nobody is around.
Your changing rooms are where your customers take the first look at themselves wearing your fashion items. A critical moment for their buying decision ‒ so provide lighting which emulates daylight and lets colours and textures appear as naturally as possible to avoid disappointments later. Trust OSRAM lighting solutions to present your fashion in the right light.

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