Lumos 2 LED: A flexible system for cooling shelves

Lumos 2, the LED luminaire system for the sales-promotional, energy-efficient lighting of cooling shelves and fresh produce shelving.

Well-lit goods increase sales success, and to attract attention to products in the food trade, individual lighting solutions are obligatory to achieve ideal goods displays. Fresh products in cooling shelves as well as meat, fish and cheese are efficiently and reliably illuminated with the Lumos 2, and also displayed within a best possible atmosphere. The flexible system features three variants for differing application purposes – Lumos 2 with the classic head and shelf luminaires for cooling shelves and the new Lumos 2 Vertical for cooling shelves and fresh produce shelving with doors.

Whether horizontal or vertical, Lumos 2 achieves optimal displays of fresh goods with maximum visual comfort according to specific needs. Thanks to maximum flexibility, lengths, light colours and light distribution patterns can be adapted according to customer requirements. The system can be installed in a wide variety of cold store and fresh produce shelving with simple mounting accessories. The flexible system also enables individual combinations for luminous flux, optics and basis construction.

With high system efficiency and a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours (L85/B50), the Lumos 2 ensures a long service life with almost maintenance-free operation.

Benefits at a glance

  • flexible system due to differing versions, colour temperatures and colour filters
  • system specifically designed for LED with efficiency of up to 90 lm/W
  • long 50,000 hour service life (L85/B50)
  • direct, uniform light distribution
  • innovative optics avoid reflections, glare and shadows
  • good to very good colour rendering for optimum product displays, CRI with up to > 90
  • compact installation dimensions (width 25 mm, height 20 mm), enabling use in narrow-framed systems
  • smooth surfaces, easy to clean

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