OmniPoint – experience infinite possibilities

Flexibility in a new dimension - OmniPoint

The flexibility to orchestrating rooms in a new dimension with 61 individually addressable LEDs controlled via an intuitive app – that is OmniPoint.

OmniPoint is the latest innovation in indoor downlights suitable for all spaces, where a high level of flexibility is needed – e.g. in shops, conference rooms, galleries and museums. The 61 LEDs can be selected individually or in groups via the app on a tablet turned on, off and dimmed down. Therefore the direction and form of the beam angle can be adapted to your needs.

Different lighting scenes can be created and saved, the order of scenes can be changed easily.

The playful usage of the app paired with a high quality luminaire makes the staging of rooms not only more convenient, it offers infinite possibilities.

At a glance:

  • At a glance Flexibility – innovative illumination with individually controllable LED due to instant light output configuration including beam angle, direction, distribution and intensity
  • Speed – pre-configured lighting scenes via app or quick creation of individual scenes without a manual setting of the luminaire
  • Ease of Use – intuitive user touch screen interface allowing an easy configuration of lighting scenes without special lighting knowledge


  • Retail / Shop
  • Office
  • Galeries / Showrooms

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