The world’s first Smart Dental Mirror uses Osram’s Ostune LEDs for optimum color rendering

How tiny LEDs with superior CRI can benefit your health

A true color rendering of teeth and gums is very important for dentists and dental technicians. Thanks to the very high color rendering index and its very small package size, Osram’s Ostune E1608 LED was the first choice for the latest dental’s innovation: SmartMirror.


Category: Special Topic
Location: Regensburg, Germany
Technology/Services: LED components
Year: 2021

SmartMirror illuminates teeth and gums from within the patient’s mouth with white light emitted from 24 single Ostune E1608 LEDs placed within the SmartMirror. One of the smallest LED packages available allows to create a bright and very uniform white light emitting ring alongside the edge of the mirror. Besides the small LED size, the high color rendering index (CRI >90) gives an additional benefit in the application. Using a specially tailored LED spectrum allows to illuminate the teeth and gums in a very natural manner. In addition, it allows good color matching of implants.

“We’re thankful for the collaboration and support from Osram that allowed us to bring true-color light into the dark oral cave. It was natural that we followed the leaders of the automotive industry that have adopted Osram’s LEDs to show the natural colors of the face and extended it to show the true colors of the oral cave,” said Dan Harkabi, CEO, SmartMirror.

This mirror may change the way a dentist works, and a patient experiences the visit: by visualizing the video on the SmartMirror tablet application, the former anxious “going to the dentist” date will transform to a personal experience that fosters trust, engagement, and lowers the barrier for a preventive medical check-up.

Further information about SmartMirror can be found here.