SYNIOS P2720 - Full performance, high flexibility for automotive manufacturers and light designers

SYNIOS® P2720 is a very powerful and reliable LED package that excels through its high brightness, low thermal resistance and thermal stability. Featuring different chip size classes and colors with one common footprint, the SYNIOS® P2770 family also shines with high flexibility and full scalability. Another great advantage of the SYNIOS® platform is its exceptional temperature cycle stability. The lead frame part is optimized for the thermal expansion coefficient of the circuit board, thus securing very stable soldered joints. Moreover SYNIOS® P2720 also allows significant cost savings. Thanks to a higher brightness at Tj the amount of the required LEDs can be reduced, and there is no need for the next brighter brightness bin. In addition, standard PCB materials can be used due to low thermal resistance. But perhaps the greatest strength of the new SYNIOS® family is the great design freedom that it offers. It can be easily implemented even for extremely compact and flexible light guide designs with high efficiency flux.


  • Large variety of color and brightness
  • 3 chip sizes: compact package for the electrical power range from 0.5 – 3W
  • 6 colors: white, conversion yellow, yellow, red, superred, blue
  • Narrow color-binning for white
  • High reliability package
  • High efficiency due to optimized design
  • Good thermal performance
  • Ideally suited for light guide applications


  • Small product size: 2.0 × 2.75 × 0.6 mm³
  • White SMD epoxy package
  • ThinGaN (UX:3); Thinfilm TF5
  • White with chip-level conversion
  • Yellow with volume conversion
  • Tj = 150 °C (Tmax)
  • Distance of electrical pads: 0.3 mm
  • AEC-Q102 qualified
  • L80B50 @ 10.000 h


  • For standard PCB’s (FR4)
  • Simple solder pad design
  • Self-alignment to the solder pad @ soldering
  • Side wetting indicator after soldering


  • Video walls in outdoor areas
  • Full color displays
  • Road signs


  • DRL (Daytime Running Light)
  • Position Light
  • Signaling (Turn, Rear, Stop, CHMSL, Backup)
  • Backlight for HuD