Light guides mobility and logistics

OSRAM increases the comfort and safety of future-oriented mobility

In times of increasing globalization, mobility poses a key challenge. OSRAM makes a significant contribution to meeting these challenges with the development of smart mobility concepts. Thus we enable convenient and safe travel, as the volume of traffic continues to grow.

For example in autonomous driving: Self-driving cars contain more and more sensors and software with which the car recognizes its surroundings. They are the eyes of cars. This enables vehicles to react faster in dangerous situations than human drivers. We are also continuously developing visible light: our intelligent LED matrix headlights or laser headlights already provide better visibility and more safety on the road.

Main areas of smart and safe mobility

Our mission - Mobility

Technologies developed by OSRAM provide the basis for efficient traffic guidance systems, self-driving cars, vans, and trucks, and also ensure that logistics operations improve in tune with global requirements. See OSRAM's contribution to the development of smart mobility concepts.

We concentrate an these main topics:

  • For one thing, the focus is on the optimization of transport facilities – for example through adaptive automotive lighting, easy-to-use assistance systems and autonomous driving.
  • For another, we also describe the management of intelligent traffic systems through light and sensors that convert motion into data.

Autonomous Driving

Easy Travel