Bright, brighter, NIGHT<nobr> BREAKER.</nobr>

Bright, brighter, NIGHT BREAKER.

The new NIGHT BREAKER families.
Up to 200 % more brightness1 for you.

Performance bulbs represent power, luminous intensity, maximum light output, as well as high-end technologies. Automotive performance bulbs from OSRAM set new standards for automotive lighting with their increased visibility. From xenon and halogen technologies and several product lines, you can select the right bulb to suit your personal requirements.

Introducing our brightest halogen bulb, ever.


Available as H4 and H7

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Light quality plays an important role in road safety – A clear field of vision and high visibility can significantly enhance your ability to drive at night. With 200 % more brightness1 to guide your way, the new NIGHT BREAKER 200 is by far the brightest halogen headlight in our portfolio.
This powerful bulb delivers premium performance in any situation. With up to 20 % whiter light1 and a far-reaching beam, you’ll always have a commanding view of the road for up to 150 meters – enabling you to react to signs and obstacles sooner. It combines high-intensity output with low glare so that other drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians can easily see you coming a long way in advance. The NIGHT BREAKER 200 stands out with its new mirror chrome cap with a modern look and is available as H4 and H7 - in the usual OSRAM premium quality.

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Up to 200 % more brightness1 for your car.

OSRAM is committed to helping all drivers stay safe behind the wheel. That’s why we continue to improve our entire product portfolio.

With the introduction of the NIGHT BREAKER 200, millions of motorists who rely on halogen-fitted cars can enjoy better vision and more peace of mind.

The OSRAM performance bulb portfolio for halogen-based headlights at a glance:

Up to 200% more brightness2 – also for xenon-based headlights:


Up to 200 % more brightness2

XENARC NIGHT BREAKER LASER is the brightest OSRAM xenon light with efficient xenon technology which ensures a better visibility on the road. More light means see farther and react sooner.

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Performance lamps

Why choosing NIGHT BREAKER performance bulbs?

  • More light allows to see farther and therefore react sooner
  • Better visibility
  • Signs, obstacles and hazards can be recognized sooner
  • Premium quality made in Germany/USA
  • Original Spare Part Quality that exceeds all ECE minimum standards

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1 Halogen (200%/150%/100%): Compared to minimum ECE R112/R37 requirements.
2 Xenon (200%): Compared to minimum ECE R98 requirements.