Xenon headlight lamps
for cars

Fascinatingly bright

OSRAM xenon lamps generate up to 220% more brightness compared to the minimum legal standard – at impressive color temperatures, as well as significantly lower energy consumption and longer life than halogen lamps.

OSRAM cutting-edge xenon lighting concepts, however, allow far more than just driving comfort, underlining personal style and demonstrating individual environmental awareness.

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Note: Over time lamps project less light, and that reduces the driver's nighttime visibility. To get the full benefit of your headlights, change lamps in pairs before they burn out. Avoid unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beams!

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Bright xenon headlight lamps

Pure performance with xenon technology

Up to 220% more light1,2


Discover the pure performance of the brightest OSRAM xenon light. This powerful lamp with efficient xenon technology ensures a better visibility on the road with up to 220% more brightness2 and up to 20% whiter light close to laser look, compared to the minimum legal standard. Added to this is the up to 250 meter long beam. More brightness allows to see further and therefore react faster.

Watch the XENARC NIGHT BREAKER LASER installation video


Especially white light for stylish LED look

Top performance thanks to xenon technology

Up to 6200 K colour temperature3,4


XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE – discover the modern, powerful look! If you are looking for the perfect combination of stylish and unique design paired with extraordinary road illumination of up to 150 % more light1, these vehicle lamps with high-contrast xenon light are the right choice. The high-tech xenon light with color temperatures of up to 6200 K3,4 impresses with highly efficient technology as well as design without compromise. A special filling system, which was used instead of the conventional approach to coating, allows the lamp to emit an especially white light.

Watch the XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE installation video (Ford Focus)

Watch the XENARC COOL BLUE INTENSE installation video (Opel Zafira)


OSRAM’s longest lasting automotive lamps

Pure performance with xenon technology

Xenon headlamps with extra lifetime


XENARC ULTRA LIFE xenon lamps are ideal when it comes to durability. They come with up to four times longer lifetime compared to standard HID lamps and a 10 years OSRAM guarantee5. That means longer replacement cycles for your additional comfort!

Product catalog: XENARC ULTRA LIFE

Reliable automotive lamps

Pure performance with xenon technology

OSRAM original spare parts


XENARC ORIGINAL products set the standard for modern xenon automotive lighting. With up to 4,500 Kelvin color temperature, their light is closer to natural daylight than regular halogen lights (which are typically 3,200 Kelvin) and thus, more pleasant for the eyes. In addition, OSRAM original spare parts come in a wide range, all in OEM quality, proven reliable a million times over in new cars made by notable car manufacturers. Yet, even these standard lamps offer innovation: OSRAM is the only manufacturer in the world that makes 100% mercury-free D8S with only 25 watt power consumption!

Product catalog: XENARC ORIGINAL

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Car lamps from OSRAM fulfill many requirements. What do you need in an automotive lamp? Find one that's right for you and your car.

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1 Compared to minimum ECE R98 requirements
2 D3S, D4S
3 D1S, D2S, D3S, D4S, D8S
4 Measured in headlamps

5 Refer to www.osram.com/am-guarantee for precise conditions