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Interactive automotive tools

Who doesn't cherish useful online tools? Whether you're using a desktop computer, or a mobile device, interactive tools from OSRAM are the way forward.
With our Vehicle Lamp Finder, you will not only find the suitable lamps for your car or motorcycle, you will also receive recommendations for brighter, particularly cool white or more durable products.

In the car light blog you will find out everything you need to know about car lighting. You can use the OSRAM Trust app to check whether you really bought original OSRAM lamps.
And use the TRUCKSTAR PRO calculator to find out how you can save money - especially if you are a fleet manager!

Dive into our world of interactive automotive tools

Vehicle Lamp Finder for European vehicles – search and find quickly

You want to replace the lamps on your vehicle, but don’t know which model is the right one? This is where the Vehicle Lamp Finder can help. Whether you drive a car or truck or ride a motorbike, this tool will find the right headlight lamps, high-beam lamps, fog light lamps, turn signal lights, and much more.

Tool: Vehicle Lamp Finder

Trust OSRAM: Check your OSRAM xenon lamps, and halogen lamps in DUO BOXES now

OSRAM monitors all quality and performance aspects of its products as carefully as possible, because only an original OSRAM product performs like an OSRAM original. And you wouldn’t settle for anything less, would you? Check your lamps with just two quick steps. Don’t trust your eyes. Trust OSRAM.

Check tool: Is your lamp an original OSRAM product?

Carlightblog - the answer to all questions

What is the difference between halogen, xenon and LED light? How do I add DRL to my car? How do I adjust my headlights? Answers to these and many other questions can be found in the carlightblog.

Social Media: OSRAM Carlight Blog

TRUCKSTAR PRO calculator – saving you money

Saving money – now that’s something we all find interesting. The TRUCKSTAR PRO calculator tool provides clear information to any fleet operator how costs can be reduced by using certain lamps. The results speak for themselves. See for yourself.

Tool: TRUCKSTAR PRO calculator