OSRAM LEDriving driving & working lights

The night doesn’t stand a chance!

OSRAM re-writes the rules for what you can expect from your vehicle. Now, a variety of performances, shapes and beam patterns let you bring intense white LED light to the darkest corners of the world, at work or at play. There are also three spotlight series to choose from: multifunctional, functional and slim. With OSRAM, light is liberating – on road, off road, and everywhere in between.

Bringing light to life on-road or off-road

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Insist on OSRAM - the No. 1 in automotive lighting

With powerful far- and near-field illumination of up to 450m, OSRAM’s high-brightness lighting will show you the way.

OSRAM gives you the power and flexibility you need to master any task with spot, wide or combo high beams, available in a variety of angles and styles.

Homogeneous light distribution and reduced glaring, even during compromised daylight, for increased road safety with OSRAM’s range of LEDriving spotlights.

With an extremely robust polycarbonate lens and multiple voltage protection OSRAM’s LEDriving spotlights ensure reliability in the most extreme conditions.

All OSRAM LEDriving driving & working lights are backed by a 5-year guarantee from OSRAM.

Powered by pure LED performance

We’ve combined high performance OSRAM LED technology with the latest innovation in direct illumination. OSRAM’S specially designed free-form curved reflector enhances optical performance by redirecting LED light outward to reduce glare and improve visibility.

Tried and tested

All OSRAM LEDriving driving and working lights undergo various testings in our Environmental Simulation Laboratory. Tested under the most extreme environmental conditions we can ensure premium quality products.

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