Trends in automotive lighting

Modern automotive lighting is a global mega-trend. Increasing technical advances in lighting inspire motorists to seek out the latest innovations. Enhanced performance, improved security, and a memorable design are the focal points of automotive lighting trends and research.

And OSRAM, as the world's largest lighting supplier to the automotive industry, is at the forefront of technological developments.

All trends at a glance:

Laser Light

Laser light: new headlight technology

The BMW i8 and the Audi R8 LMX were launched almost at the same time as the first series production vehicles with laser headlights. OSRAM was heavily involved in the development of the innovative laser light technology. This lighting trend opens up completely new horizons in the design and performance of headlights.

Trend: Laser light for headlights
Laser Light

µAFS LED headlights

In a research project over the past three years, a smart, high resolution headlight has been created, that already analyzes driving and weather conditions continuously. This takes adaptive forward lighting to a new dimension. As overall manager and part of a research alliance, OSRAM has successfully completed the development of the basis for smart, high resolution LED headlights.

Trend: µAFS LED headlights
OLED panel lighting

OLED panel lighting as a further development of LED

OLED (organic LED) are the technical development of LED. Panel radiators with homogenous light distribution, numerous light colors, and a totally flexible design arehe future of automotive lighting, offering many possibilities for interior and exterior lighting.

Trend: OLED - cutting edge panel lighting
Bend lighting headlmaps

Bend lighting headlamps for the first time with LED technology

Dynamic bend lighting headlights - on an entirely new technological level in the future. Up to now, mechanical assemblies were required to move parts of the headlight or the complete headlight. This is a thing of the past. Thanks to LED technology, such innovations as Advanced Forward Lighting Systems (AFS) now can be implemented much more simply.

Trend: bend lighting headlamps for the first time with LED
Fliexible OLED

Flexible OLED for vehicle lighting

OLED technology opens up entirely new design options for light sources. Currently, the R2D2 project with involvement from OSRAM is generating huge interest among customers in the automotive industry.

Trend: Flexible OLEDs for vehicle lighting

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